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You Seem to Have it All Together

Next Step Therapy - Thursday, October 13, 2016
I just took a vacation, by myself, to Las Vegas. It was a spontaneous decision, partially based on sadness, partially based on alcohol, and partially based on a need to “find myself/get myself together/find some healing.” Ok, honestly, it was based on the fact that I Googled flight  ...Read More

It's Scuffed

Next Step Therapy - Monday, September 19, 2016
I haven’t written much this summer. I would apologize, but it turns out that like most things, in the scope of millions of years and seven billion people, it doesn’t really matter if someone like me gets overly busy or has writer’s block and doesn’t write a blog. Your l  ...Read More

Make Memories With Your Kids

Next Step Therapy - Thursday, June 16, 2016
I woke up this morning to sunshine, a house full of kids and dogs, and the State Police at the neighbor’s house informing them that their adult daughter had been killed in a car accident overnight. I am literally sick over their loss. You can trust that when she got in that car, it never  ...Read More

Kids Are Time and Money Consuming....

Next Step Therapy - Monday, May 09, 2016
I’ve written several pieces in recent months about having a child graduating from high school, and now I’m writing about a part of it that I haven’t yet addressed. In general, I am going to talk about the inverse relationship of how old your child gets, and the amount of money  ...Read More

When Should Your Child See a Specialist?

Next Step Therapy - Tuesday, May 03, 2016
Oh, fair readers, this is a tough one, like many of the things we have addressed on this blog. If you haven’t picked up on this by now, I, Tracy, the lead writer on this site, am a gray person. I rarely see black and white while discussing topics – I frequently see gray. I have a   ...Read More

Empathetic Parenting

Next Step Therapy - Monday, April 18, 2016
EMPATHETIC PARENTING (Why you shouldn’t lose your crap when your kid does) The oldest, Noah, turned eighteen this month. He’s been driving for almost two years. No incidents. A few weeks ago on a Saturday night he was driving us from Franklin to Meadville to see the ballet  ...Read More

She Cried

Next Step Therapy - Wednesday, April 13, 2016
A little boy around eighteen months old had a seizure and turned blue. His mother called 911, and started CPR. He lived. He also lost all of his words, and most of his physical skills. He began receiving at home therapy from the local Early Intervention therapists. His mom cried for his los  ...Read More

The Baby at the Doctor's Office

Next Step Therapy - Thursday, March 31, 2016
He was absolutely adorable. Looking around the room, taking it all in. Making eye contact with everyone, waiting for a response, smiling when he got attention. Eyes widening if someone made a face or waved. Standing up on his momma’s thighs, strengthening his leg muscles. Getting tire  ...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury: No I'm Not Okay

Next Step Therapy - Tuesday, March 22, 2016
March is Brain Injury Awareness month, so this is the perfect time to talk about brain injury, also known as the “invisible illness.” Public awareness of brain injury, specifically concussions, seems to be increasing. There is always something on the news about professional athletes   ...Read More

Exceptional Teenagers

Next Step Therapy - Thursday, March 10, 2016
My oldest, the senior, got invited to a Steeler playoff party at a friend’s house. When they won, he asked me if we could have the next one at my house. I immediately said yes. You might wonder if I’m a fool, or can’t tell my kid no, or if I’m a glutton for punish  ...Read More


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